Biased Fate.

Under the open skies,
I stay bound,
in an elfin confinement,
Where drapery lives,
I find my peace therein.

Peace is what i name it,
its merely you.

Illusions run wild,
water flows insanely,
filling not only the bucket,
but my heart alongside.

Delusions give me hope,
unspoken words i dream.

My reflections betray me,
thou ownership they affirm.
My own fingers scar,
like fire burns interrupters.

Isolation i crave,
Mere respect is what I need,
in return of all I give.

The takers deny appraisal.
Fate being biased,
plays its part.

The sharp edges of a knife we’ve known,
striving deviously to victimize us again.

The stab might not distinguish,
but the commiseration we hold,
is sure to leave unhealable wounds!


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