The angels descend, and i look upon,
will my door they knock?
The glittering happiness they blow upon,
will it brighten my coop along?
The skies are brighter,
another new day.
The sun in full bloom,
sharp rays hitting the floors.

Birds paving their way,
new destinations day to day.
Here I stand stagnant, will it happen again?
Will my life ever brighten up, a new beginning?
Will the gloominess be taken away?

The dark shadows conspire,
dragging me deeper.
 I try to refrain,
but the grasp is way too tight.
I am stuck deep down in tar,
not a hurricane can blow me away.
Where once i used to be one(hurricane),
now on its traits i depend.

Beliefs building strength,
persistence is all thats left,
no beam of hope,
not a single ray.
I am stuck here desperate,
left before me, is not even a way!


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