The closest one.

I am a hundred miles away from you, unaware of what you’re up to.
but here I lay still thinking of you. Though my¬†hearts still bleeding with the injuries you bestowed on me, yet all i can think of is being by your side in your crazy low times. that girl you call your girlfriend? she’s nothing more than a liar, and yet she succeeded in snatching you away. Too bad, I’m a believer, and I believe you’ll be by my side, when I’m let down in my grave, with a hundred mourners around me. I believe you’ll be one of them. My caring memories would haunt you like ghosts, and with every passing day would you feel how I do.
Elusive seems life, but I’ll get it on track. I’ll find the very answers and face all treacheries alone. Yet know this one thing lover, you are and always will be closest to my heart, and deepest in my soul.


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