Could happiness be any happier?

A poem that I wrote for my dad, who was suffering from lung cancer, when he was hospitalized, showing some progress after his surgery.

Could happiness be any happier?
Could life be any meaningful?
The gay beams rushing in,
sending warmth up to my heart,
knowing that all u had ever wished for,
is laying right in front.
The man who’s always been there,
and yet i didn’t realize.
His one smile comforts my choking heart.
The deep pain buried inside,
all flushed away with a whoosh of his light.
This time of my life, is worth it all.
All weak, eyes wrinkled, bones hurting,
and still he’s the most handsome man i’ve ever seen<3
God forbid, if bad comes in the way, i’d take it in his place.
And if it were possible, i’d bear all his pain.
The patches that’ve been eating him deep inside,
i’d rather take em inside me.
And only if we knew before,
our being there is what matters the most,
we’d leave this world and inhabit in your shelter.
Your presence is where i find my peace,
the glory of being your daughter, is a pride i’d be proud of forever<3


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