The birth of HER.

            A NEW LEAF.

Life turned tables. What used to be a lovely, unstoppable, laughter arousing from her room, filling the air with beams of happiness, enlightening every soul present therein.  That very reality was now a nightmare. Turning into a new leaf, a leaf much uglier.
Life is sea saw of events. Events that boost you, events that thrash you, and events that break you into a million pieces. And there she sits, on her windowsill, broken into a thousand questions. Recalling all the L’s of her life that brought her down. Love. Lover. Lifey. And thus life. Remembering how she had lost all at a naive age, and how people’s faces were unveiled with time. Her well-wishers turned out to be her greatest oppressors. All the truths being little white lies, and hence her life being the biggest lie of all. Her sinking heart drowned in her ocean of sorrows, and yet she held up her bogus smile in front of the world. Though the world didn’t treat her sincerely, yet she stayed loyal to each one. Considering their wants over hers, and killing her desires to welcome theirs. While her very mind busted with the aching of her sufferings, her thrashed life swollen with the wounds, and yet she spanked away her emotions, confiding in the cool breeze, accepting the very reality of life; that happiness is but not to last forever. Blocked off her feelings, and carried on. Not for herself but for the people inhabiting in her life’s tiny hole.


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