My mingled nerves!

my brain’s a bundle of nerves,
Oh dear, untie it one by one,
and with very undone tie you’d find
all the facts that made me towards love, blind.

and when you feed your curiosity,
you’ll envision what happened to me,
what brought out this stone cold heart,
what blew away my house of cards!

How I lost the ones I dearly loved,
how I kept on fighting till nothing was left,
how I lost my shelter, my very protector!

As you straighten up my mingled nerves,
you’ll know how I’ve been tied in chains,
how my heart’s been crushed on and on,
my dreams stabbed, died my traits in-born!

O’dear, be patient while you pursue,
your wild desire to undo
and by the time you’re almost done,
your heart will be crushed, will diminish the fun!

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