I, being one of the women who believe in fantasy, am a great believer of ‘happily ever after’ too.  But according to the masses, life is not a piece of cake, it is not a flight of imagination where we “Eat, Pray, Love”, but it is the exact opposite. They think it is a kind of “Da Vinci Code” that every one of us has to solve. It is not a Judith McNaught fiction novel where even after all the misunderstandings the characters end up with their perfect matches. It is not that these people oppose the fact that women do end up with their loved ones but many have to compromise and sacrifice.

 A woman’s life is full of compromises, she loves, she is hurt but never shows, she respects but seldom gets it back, she works but never concedes her stress, she fills our tummies but remains hungry herself.  Her life is full of obligations, towards her family, husband and kid’s. In all these commitments where does she belong? Does she even have an identity? She is mistrusted, mislead and mistaken.  She is the one always blamed for all the transgression, she cares but what she gets back is mere disrespect? She lives for others but never for herself. This society has all the boundaries for women but never for men? Isn’t it injustice? Discrimination? Many of you reading this belong to those “masses” I have quoted, and by now they must have got to the conclusion that:

Men are always wrong and women are the bereaved, grief struck and helpless sect who are always heartbroken while men find their way out of the chaos!

This was only half of the reality, flipping to the other side and revealing the other half, it is not that men don’t love their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. They are just apprehensive that they might lose their pride if they acknowledge it. They have tied women into chains of obligations for her own fortification; he gives love, respects, feeds, cares, protects and prevents her throughout her life. With only a few exceptional low profile men who do not follow the mentioned principles. BUT then, why should we ruin OUR fantasy just because of a few inconspicuous men?

Moving on, even with all the twists and turns isn’t our life still like a fantasy? Not in a narrow but in a broader sense, we give, we receive, we love, we are loved back, we care, we are protected…  Isn’t this a part of our fantasy? Our happily ever after love story where we get our dream guy? Oh, come on, even Cinderella had a lot of problems but she did get her man!

Many of the people already described above think that WE, who believe in a fantasy world and yearn to live in one too, when are struck by the lightening of reality, receive nothing but broken hearts and crushed dreams! But you know what, no matter what they say, it all depends on the state of mind! It depends on with how much elegance we accept the bitter reality. Living in a world of dreams, according to many is childish, but I guess, they have no idea what our beautiful world is like! We confide in ourselves that in the end we will get what we desire and even if the unsatisfactory era prolongs, we would never deceive our hopes! (But they might deceive us) because hope is our solitary strength that keeps us moving.

We hope that one day our  dream guy will ride up to us on a horse, the mode of transportation may vary according to the developing technology and their entry might be accompanied by a few more events, but in the end “OUR HAPPILY EVER AFTER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!“

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