I found death.

Oh death, where are you?
In every nook and corner I search you.

I’ve jumped in the oceans, not knowing how to swim,
but every time a savior, pulled me back from death’s thrill.

I’ve had a million sleeping pills, wishing to stay asleep forever,
but every time I woke up in the morn, fresher than ever.

I’ve thrashed my very veins, blood spluttering out unplugged,
were cured the very wounds, while I tiredly shrugged.

Oh death, have healed all the scars,
but the ones I got from m’loved one’s,
your search for many is abusive,
but for me it’s a joy just elusive!

And hence I’ve realized,
death is but to be found in this world alone,
when your desires are crushed,
when die your hopes,
and with every setting sun,
a bit of you dies.

And thus I found death,
in my very existence,
though living I am,
but all dead deep inside.



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